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It’s a hassle, but there are things that can only be done at the bank

Banking in Japan

Japan’s banks are not flexible, but it is useful to have a bankbook and bank card when handling money.

  • To open a bank account (to recieve a bankbook and bank card) see : “Open an Account
  • To send money overseas, this can be essential, but a hassle, see : “Overseas Remittance
  • To exchange foreign money into Japanese Yen, in some areas there may be a foreign currency exchange machine, in other areas only the bank will do this, be prepared for waiting times and fees.
  • To exchange money into small coins there can be fees.
  • To deposit money into your account, you can use the counter at the bank or an ATM (be aware this is a time-consuming process).
  • To close your account bring the following to the counter :

Do you live in this town? You can susurvive if you have a house and a phone.

When you first come to Japan you must register as a resident at your local municipality office. It becomes troublesome later if you have not completed this process. Please note that not all staff members are multilingual.

  • When you first arrive complete a “Resident registration
  • When you settle to live in a town/city see: “Move In
  • When you move to another town complete the procedure for “Move Out
  • When renting a house or apartment see: “House
  • For information about having a cellphone see: “Cellphone
  • When you are going to leave Japan complete the proceedure for “Overseas Moving Out

Too many public office

Tax Office

National government tax department, the office the Japanese are most afraid of.

Prefectures Office

This is the office for your region/prefecture, if you start a business you will interact with this office often.

Unemployment Office

The literal translation of the office name is “Hello Work”, this is the public employment security office, when you resign from a job you should visit here, you can find a new job thorugh this office.

Labor Standards Inspection Office

Hopefully you do not need to visit this office, if you go here it means you have a serious problem with your employment.

  • Company’s labor-related Law and Regulations violation
  • If a company doesn’t recognise an occupational accident due to an injury during work
  • If your employer goes bankrupt and you are owed unpaid wages

Police Station